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IPRE Group


IPRE Group Partners are key members of our team that can contribute specific issue area, regional, or methodological expertise to a project.


Nathan Dieckmann – Judgment and decision making, decision analysis, applied statistics and research design. University of Oregon, PhD, Psychology. Assistant Professor of Statistics and Decision Science, Oregon Health and Science University. Research Scientist, Decision Research. Founding Partner, Integrative Analytic Consulting.

Nathan Dieckmann is an Assistant Professor of Statistics and Decision Science at Oregon Health and Science University. He is also a research scientist at Decision Research and a founding partner of Integrative Analytic Consulting (IAC). He conducts basic and applied research in a variety of areas including decision making, risk communication, the links between education and health, and statistical methodology. Recent international fieldwork has included projects in Ghana and the highlands of Peru. His consulting work is focused in two main areas: 1) using decision analytic methods to structure problems and help clients make difficult decisions (e.g., choosing between competing policy options that involve multiple tradeoffs and uncertainty), and 2) supporting clients in the design and statistical analysis of basic and applied research projects.

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