Know Your Impact, Grow Your Impact

IPRE Group

What We Do

Our work helps clients address two critical challenges necessary to learn, adapt and grow in a complex and dynamic political environment.

Tailored to a clients’ specific circumstances, we address these challenges through policy research, analysis, and impact evaluation, adopting an integrated approach that combines the relevant methodologies and state-of-the art research techniques.


How can you identify and best achieve your goals and objectives in a dynamic political world?

We address this question through rigorous academic and policy research and analysis. We use a broad range of qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups, case studies, in-depth interviews, and reviewing the state-of-the-art academic literature, as well as using more quantitative tools such as survey research and statistical analysis. Using these methods, we are able to:

  • Assess and analyze the state of practitioner and researcher knowledge on a core set of issues.
  • Help our clients identify and formulate their goals given the complex and dynamic political environments they work in.
  • Identify the challenges facing stakeholders to achieving their goals with respect to those issues
  • Formulate actionable policy recommendations.
  • Develop strategies for implementing policy goals based on a rigorous assessment of best practices and barriers to implementation.


How do you know whether, and how well, you are achieving your goals?

We address this question through sophisticated program and impact evaluation. Here we employ meticulous quantitative tools such as advanced statistical analysis, experiments or randomized controlled trials, depending upon the applicability to specific client goals. Using these methods we are able to:

  • Generate the right indicators to assess whether clients are meeting their goals, and the appropriate metrics for measuring achievement.
  • Measure and analyze the relevant indicators to assess the degree to which goals are being achieved.
  • Conduct specific assessments of the factors contributing to, or impeding goal attainment.
  • Develop specific actionable strategies to reaching goals based on knowledge gained about organizational context and challenges.